I am so, so excited to announce this! Welcome to February 1, 2013, the first day of Feel Fit February, a collaboration of The Average Girl’s Guide, Style Activist and Grit & Glamour, a month dedicated to feeling good, strong and healthy. Pretty please ditch that scale and let this month be about how you feel, instead of letting the number define your day.  Personally, I’m moving my out of my bathroom so I’m not even tempted in my unconscious state to hop on the minute I wake up, only to be upset at a number that should not rule my day, let alone my life.

Will you join us in ditching the scale for 28 days??

Feel Fit February

Each Tuesday this month, Erika, V. and I will share posts ranging from a Vent Sesh sharing our personal story about why we think it’s important to move away from the scale; our diets and favorite recipes; exercise tips and why fitness is important in each of our lives; and the value of high-quality food in your lifestyle.

I’m also excited that on The Average Girl’s Guide I’ll share q+a features about each of these women who have inspired me, both as bloggers and more recently, as healthy influencers and true motivators to make me want to lead a more healthy lifestyle, particularly when it comes to the food choices I make. They’ve helped me recognize that lower calorie doesn’t mean better for you. In fact it might mean processed, chemicals and empty. If you think modified options can’t be delicious, you clearly need to check out Erika’s blog and instagram feed. V amazes me because just last year she took a journey on the Whole 30 (read her post here for reference), where she not only lost weight, she eliminated belly rumbling and bloat, slept better and had more consistent energy. She changed her life in 30 days. That’s it.

I’m honored that each of these women agreed to participate in this month focused on helping other women like ourselves live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Comment, tweet or message us if you have questions or specific topics you’d like any of us to address.

And, comment here: will you ditch the scale with us, and are you ready for this month with us??