How is this Friday February? January has been a bit of a blur and I’m on a mission to take better ownership over February, getting a little ahead of things, and enjoying the month without feeling like I’m just running nowhere at a feverish pace. Don’t want 2013 to disappear that fast! Are you feeling like this, too?

A few of TAGG’s favorite links of the week:

Lacking eyebrows, or at least statement-makers? Best tips here.

New moms: check out these apps to make your life just a wee bit easier (I remember: every ounce helps!).

I’m in full home mode so can’t help but ogle over this amazing accent wall we can do ourselves.

Proper form when working out is huge. Love this post that lays out how you can do one move perfectly, in any location (no gym required).

How gorgeous — and resourceful — is the new Kate Spade “Things We Love” book? Beyond perfect by my bedside… especially for less than $25!

These flats would literally put “spring” on my steps(code GAP30 for 30% off!), and have been searching for the perfect (affordable) utility vest; this find might be it! Thanks, Kim.

Allie shares plus-size wardrobe staples for your wardrobe. So spot on.

World’s healthiest tater tots. I’m dying to try these. What do you think??

A truthful, albeit slightly disheartening look at why women are rarely the boss, in today’s New York Times. (thanks for sharing the read, S!).

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