It’s DIY Wednesday! Love this time of the month, and once again, Erin of Thanks, I Made It! reads my mind! Been dying to get my hands on some Modge Podge and create some glittery magic as she’s done here with her barrettes. Ready to do this on a pair of heels or flats. Who’s with me? I’ll let Erin take it away, and ps: how amazing is her two-part DIY gift guide?

Hi everyone, Erin here on The Average Girl’s Guide! It’s time to bust out the sparkle (or upgrade to some serious bling, if you’re already the glittery type), because the holidays are here! I thought these barrettes were perfect for making hair “party ready” in seconds, with minimal effort. Here’s how to DIY your own, with simple supplies from the drug store and craft store.

Tools and materials:
Mod Podge or other adhesive/sealant
Paint brush
Sandpaper (optional)

Sand the the barrettes to roughen the surface. This way, the Mod Podge will better adhere to the plastic barrette.

Using the paint brush, apply a layer of Mod Podge.

Shake on the glitter, covering the whole surface. Let dry, and apply more Mod Podge and glitter, if neccessary. Let dry.

Add a final coat of Mod Podge or another sealant, and let dry (last time, I promise!).

Have fun sparkling!