Best blind date. ever.

July 30, 2011

I MUST confess that I wrote 95 percent of this post after this blind date ‘high’ and totally slacked on putting in the links, etc., ’cause I’m crazy busy (and lazy!) like that. FINALLY, your slacker blogger friend has finished…

I alluded to it in a recent outfit post that earlier this month I had the best blind date ever! Actually, I think I had only one real blind date before meeting my man so while the competition wasn’t too intense, this was off-the-charts amazing.

My blind date? It was happy hour… with a hanful of local bloggers!

While it’s been incredible to start The Average Girl’s Guide, I only know two or three bloggers even though I’ve connected with dozens over the Internet, Twitter and Facebook. This night was all about instant connections. Sparks flew across the high top, for sure! So much to gab about, plus we had an equal love of wine, mac n’ cheese and hunky bartenders (thank you to Pistache in WPB for hiring such a cutie!) Check us out…  


Check out these fabulous gals, L-R: LC of of Travel the Unbeaten Path, Allison of Dear Martha Stewart, Lauren of The World Admired, MJ of Fab Fierce Fashion, {moi}, Lauren of Baylor Says and Loni of It! Weddings Florida.

Plus, a few more photos…

LC with Alli (who also happen to be co-workers; jealous!), promised us she was going to start a blog — and she did!

Sandwiched between two phenomenal bloggers; miss fashion and beauty to my left and hysterically funny interior design gal to my right (who I actually recently met during last month’s half-blind movie date; our husbands know each other)!

 The star of the eve: the cheesiest, tastiest truffle oil mac & cheese. Just had to order it for the table!

Check out Loni with her nerdy/super awesome clipboard and bag big enough to fit lots more office goodies she showed us. Recognize her?? TAGG recently featured her 5 must haves, though this is the first time we met in person. Such a sweetheart, totally gorgeous and uber smart. Actually, that was really the theme of the evening… I’m so impressed by these women. Just gorgeous! Major love to all.

Until our next rendeveous…  

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  • bravoerunway

    WOW!!! What a fun blogger meet-up, I wish I could find these to attend in Chicago! Did you organize this because you did a fantastic job and I am now going to check out all of these ladies’ fabulous blogs!

    • admin

      OMG, reach out to Tara at @haute_lunch on Twitter… she’s attended a few, as has @curlyinthecity. Seems like there’s so many in Chicago! Hope this helps. :)

  • Kimberlee

    Love the title of this post because I was like *gasp* she’s married haha So awesome you got to meet up with bloggers. I love meeting them – blogging is such a great community :)

    • admin

      LOL, glad you appreciated my catchy title. Working on making fun ones!

  • ilene @ much love, illy

    how fun is this!!!!! i love blogger meet-ups and this looks like a fun one to be at. :)

  • Tanvi

    Blogger Meet Ups are always so much fun!!! Looks like you all had a blast!

    ♡ from ©

  • Kristin

    Y’all looked great!

  • Teresa: Life and Style

    Looks like an awesome blogger meet up! Cant wait to check out these new blogs you just introduced me to!

    xo Teresa

    • admin

      Teresa: definitely do! These girls are awesome, and not just because I know them. :) Hope you’re feeling better!

  • Bonnie

    ohmygosh, so much fun!!!!! Can I juuuust say that I am totally jealous of your life?? This looks amazing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    • admin

      Awww, we have pretty equally fab lives! This was a great night. :)

  • MJ

    I had such an awesome time!! You weren’t kidding about the instant connections and what I loved about it was that we all blogged about different things and still connected, just because we were bloggers! I cannot wait for the next one! :)

    • admin

      TOTALLY agree! So awesome to meet you and do love that our interests are so across the board. Yay bloggers!

  • Allison

    Love!!! Had SO much fun that night!!! Can’t wait for our next meetup!!!

  • Tara J.

    How fun! I’m glad you were able to meet some other local bloggers! It’s always a great time!

  • LC

    So happy I got to meet you guys and for all the inspiration you all gave me! I’m loving my new blog and all the positive reaction its been getting! sad i won’t make it to tonight’s meetup… :(

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